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Competitive Parabolic Solar Cooker Manufacturer in Bangalore

We are one of the leading solar cooker manufacturers in India. Our offered products are recognized for their compelling design and most economic price. The special parabolic solar cooker uses sun energy for outdoor cooking. These are very efficient and cooks food fast.

A solar cooker cooks food without using cooking gas, electricity, kerosene, coal or wood. This cooker mainly works with solar energy that is freely available in nature.

A solar cooker can cook easily two meals every day for 10-15 persons.

The AN14 dish solar cooker that we provide is widely used for faster outdoor cooking. The AN-14 dish cooker with 1.4 meter diameter dish is made with the help of a single reflector or by joining together smaller reflector pieces, fixed to a rigid frame. When it is exposed to Sun in the normal direction; a point focus would be formed for cooking food. It consists of bright anodized aluminum sheets of 0.4 mm thick, a bowl supporting frame, bowl stand, and manual tracking mechanism.

All the components used in the cooker are genuine and manufactured indigenously.

Parabolic Solar Cooker Features are:

     The AN14 Parabolic Solar Cooker uses sunrays directed on to a reflecting surface, which concentrates at a focal point on        which the black painted cooking pot is placed.
     The tracking position towards sun is monitored with the help of a tracking indicator attached to the cooker, tracking every        10-15 minutes for higher efficiency.
     High temperature is achieved in this cooker and generates about 700 watts net power in good sunshine. Very high        temperature above 300°C can be attained in this cooker.
     Ten liters of water in a sunny day (atmospheric temperature 24°C) takes about 40-45 minutes to reach the boiling        temperature of 100°C.
     Almost all types of cooking such as boiling of water/potato/eggs, cooking of rice/pulses/vegetables/meat, frying of        omelets /meat, roasting of meat, baking of bread/cake, etc., can be done in this cooker. Also the pressure cooker can be        used for increased efficiency.
     Minimum maintenance: It does not require any recurring cost except a nominal maintenance of repainting the frame and        stand and keeping the reflector sheet clean.
     The cooker can be used all day long from sunrise to sunset. The cooking intensity is high during daytime from 11.0 am to        1.0 pm because of the high sunshine during that time.
     Due to its deeply curved parabolic shape, the focal point of the reflectors lies inside the dish and does not have the risk of burning to the user.

These advanced features of our parabolic solar cooker has provided us a distinct position in the industry. Our efforts in maintaining consistent quality set us apart and offers a strong client base across the nation. We today make premium choice solar cooker manufacturers in India.