industrial Ventilation

Ridge Ventilators

Airier Ridge Ventilators are natural extract ventilators suitable for ridge mounting. They incorporate low profile and weight with maximum exhaust flow. The low profile and modern design gives an unobtrusive appearance without adding greatly to the wind load or dead load on the building structure.

Some of the benefits

  • Allows outside air to flow naturally upward and out of the factory area
  • Helps prevent moisture & heat from becoming trapped in shop floor atmosphere
  • Helps prevent rotting, wall damage, rust, wear & tear and peeling paint
  • Provides year-round performance for consistent ventilation without energy consumption

Some of its Features are

  • It reduces heat buildup during working hours, making working area more comfortable
  • Helps eliminate trapped moisture
  • Exhausts heat, dangerous fumes, smoke and steam
  • Low maintenance
  • High weather ability
  • Long life & durability
  • Available in multiple throat sizes (customized according to requirements)
  • Maintains the Aesthetic qualities of the building