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Use Industrial Roof Ventilation Fans to remove harmful chemicals and dust

"We are the most sought-after name for industrial ventilation fans today in India. As the next gen manufacturers of industrial fans, we use indigenous raw materials in line with industry standards to offer superior assortment of ventilation systems. The company's ability in providing cost effective and high performance industrial fans have enabled us to gain a huge clientele from all over the country.

Each Industrial fan that comes out of our firm is sturdy and efficient technology. We follow set of defined industry norms to maintain highest quality in our range of products. Use of finest quality raw materials further ensure highly efficient and anti-corrosive features in the products. We provide a wide assortment to meet your industrial ventilation needs. Backed by state of the art unit, our professionals provide standard and customized options at the affordable prices, without compromising on class. As the reputed industrial fans manufacturers, we provide natural, powerless and wind driven ventilators tot he clients.”

Industrial Fans Manufacturer for Ventilation in Bangalore

Airier Natura Pioneers in this technology since 2002, Airier Industrial roof ventilation fan provides the perfect balance, in controlling factors such as temperature, humidity, dust, etc., in a manner that provides a favorable condition for both, your process as well as your employees.

Industrial Roof Ventilation Fans Features

     Designed for all roof shed
     Natural convection for Air ventilators
     Get rid of heat, smoke & other pollutants from interiors.
     Eco-friendly & energy saving design.
     Works all round the year without electricity/maintenance costs.
     Computerized design, operates with the slightest breeze.
     Wider model options in nine different sizes.
     Use of superior grade material components.
     Light weight and sturdy with precision balanced low-inertia head design.
     Self-lubricated double bearings stainless steel shaft for smooth & silent operation.
     Ribbed design for added strength.
     High-speed limiting device to ensure protection against high winds.
     Specially coated to ensure high corrosion resistance.

Airier Ridge Vent

Using best-in-class computer aided design, combined with years of experience; the Airier Ridge Vent is a unique offering in the world of Natural Ventilation.

Designed to maximize airflow and make the best advantage of natural draft action, the Airier Ridge Vent exhausts hot and dangerous fumes from work areas in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Airier Ridge Vent Features

     Airier Ridge Vent is ideal for factories and other industrial buildings.
     Available in any size and configuration (made-to-order)
     Flexible installation options
     100% weather proof and durability guaranteed
     Aerodynamic design for improved performance