Airier Vent

Pioneers in this technology since 2002, AirierVent provides the perfect balance, in controlling factors such as temperature, humidity, dust, etc., in a manner that provides a favorable condition for both, your process as well as your employees.


     Can be used on any roof shed
     Revolutionary concept, activated by natural convection.
     Effectively removes heat, smoke, fumes, as well as dust & other pollutants from interiors.
     Environment-friendly & energy saving.
     Works round-the-clock without electricity/other operating costs.
     Computer-designed, works with the slightest breeze.
     Wide range of model options in nine different sizes.
     Only superior grade material used for all components.
     Lightweight and sturdy, with precision-balanced low-inertia head design.
     Stainless steel shaft with self-lubricated double bearings to ensure smooth & silent operation.
     Ribbed design for added strength.
     High-speed limiting device to protect against high winds.
     Specially coated to ensure high resistance to corrosion, condensation & mildew.